About Us

We export high quality coffee

Shangi Mountain Coffee is a Producer, exporter and distributor of Rwandan Specialty coffee renowned for its high quality. We work with group of coffee farmers who supply their cherries to be produced as per coffee processing standards in place using environment friendly practices. Our coffee is produced in sandy clay soil, at 1800 m of altitude above sea level under tropical climate along the lake Kivu shore and is neatly wet-processed and naturally sun dried to exceed your expectations. It is processed into small batches which are selectively harvested, sorted, processed and sun dried prior to export.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to take the amazing Rwandan coffee to the world and boost coffee farmers income in Rwanda

Our Mission

To promote coffee growing in Rwanda rural regions through organizing coffee farmers into profitable groups and improve their skills by providing them regular trainings in order to consistently produce high quality coffee making us the leading distributor of Rwandan coffee worldwide